Berea College AIRffiliate
Local AIRffiliate
LocationBerea, KY
Current WorkBerea College offers a high-quality liberal arts education to students who have great promise but limited economic resources. The College promotes understanding and kinship among all people, service to communities in Appalachia and beyond, and sustainable living practices that set an example of new ways to conserve our limited natural resources.
Past WorkFounded upon inclusive Christian principles in 1855, Berea College was the first interracial and coeducational college in the South.
Specialist InPreservation and future of craft and culture
ExperienceEach student receives the equivalent of a Tuition Promise Scholarship worth $24,300, or $97,200 for four years. That’s right: no student pays tuition.Berea offers a nationally recognized labor program in which all students participate; Berea is one of seven federally recognized Work Colleges.


Berea College is serving parts of Southeastern Kentucky as an AIRffiliate. In 2015 Partners For Education, the Brushy Fork Institute, and Student Crafts came together to implement AIR programs. An AIR:Shift Workshop was held at the 2015 Brushy Fork Institute and in April 2016, Partners For Education will pilot an AIR:Shift Workshop for Clay County, Kentucky.
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Tim Glotzbach

Berea College Crafts Director
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Melissa Bond

Melissa joined CEDIK in March…
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Natalie Gabbard

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