AIR (formerly the Arts Incubator of the Rockies) moved to Berea, Kentucky on July 1, 2016. The AIR Institute of Berea College still serves communities with creativity-focused community and economic development workshops and programs. But now we have more than 120 years of art and craft traditions pushing us forward.
Meet the new AIR Institute
of Berea College.
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We believe you have the solutions for making stable, sustainable, creative careers and vibrant communities.

We help you listen better. Ask hard questions. Find new allies. Succeed together.
We're not a silver bullet, big check, or savior.
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Discover new ways to think about the power of creativity and challenge your mental models about art, business, community and money. Take the mystery out of business planning. Strengthen your creative muscles and entrepreneurial mindset. Practice design thinking and prototyping.
AIR:Shift Workshop
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Develop and launch your own creative venture in the six-month program. Small cohorts of creative entrepreneurs learn practical business skills using design thinking, the AIR venture canvass, and Lean Startup principles. Access to dynamic financial tools, a mastermind team, and individual coaching ensures your success.
AIR:Evolve Program
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Bring AIR programs to your community. We've developed a turnkey model that makes it easy for you to build your community and your local economy. A three year commitment gives you highly trained local facilitators, networking best practices that help you collaborate across business sectors, and a license to use our programs.
Train-theTrainer Model
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It's hard to be creative, run a business, and keep up with our changing world. The AIR Knowledge Center makes it easier. You'll find all the videos, podcasts, blogs, websites, and files that we use in our programs. Plus we’re collecting all the newest, best, coolest resources available to help you.
Knowledge Center
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Berea is home to a thriving population of weavers, instrument makers, furniture artisans, jewelry designers, glass workers, potters, painters, sculptors, writers, poets, and musicians. The story of Berea’s artisan community is interwoven with the historic Berea College, the first interracial and coeducational college in the South.
Berea, Kentucky
Where Art's Alive
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The AIR Story

Patrick County, VA  Shift Workshop 2018

The Curriculum

We’ve done the heavy lifting for you – we spent more than two years developing and piloting curriculum that hundreds of folks helped get right. We used design thinking and super-fast prototyping to fail quickly and nail the programs. Now artists are quitting their day jobs, reporting higher revenues than ever in their careers and business people want this artist-created curriculum because it works.

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Train the Trainer Model

To meet the national demand for AIR, we designed a new program that will allow people to teach our curriculum for their local community and truly achieve our common vision of making art and creativity part of everyday life for everyone. AIR is committed to providing support that will increase the long-term success and sustainability of talented artists, their businesses, and organizations. This means increasing incomes, creating jobs, and stimulating community involvement.

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About AIR

We serve communities with creativity-focused community and economic development workshops and programs. What makes our programs unique is cross-sector collaboration – we serve artists, business people, educators, and the community together. We teach design thinking, business planning, and entrepreneurial spirit using the latest business development strategies and tactics like fast prototyping and lean startup principles.

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We designed our programs to help people grow their own creativity and connect with people in collaborative ways. This online class is an introduction to the AIR:Shift™ Workshop. We melded some of our workshop content and exercises to give you an idea of what our programs can do to help you and others in your community.

We want every community to raise the value of art and creativity. Please use these materials to help bring your community together for an interactive, thoughtful program during a networking event or workshop. We have included slide presentations, videos, and worksheets that you can download, share, and use.

Art Builds Business Builds Art

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TypeOnline & Onsite Course
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Creativity is the engine behind every pursuit that has changed the world. What if more of us developed our creativity? And then we applied that creativity to everything we do. What new ventures would be started? What revolutionary ideas would emerge?

The world would be different. And not just for artists and people in the art world, but for all of us.

It sounds so simple. And yet, so much of our society is broken into silos, dividing those who are “creative” and those who aren’t.

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