Our Vision: Raise the Value of Art and Creativity In All Our Communities

AIR is more than workshops, more than a website, more than a way business people and creative types share skills. It’s a model for communities who want to build innovation and economic sustainability into their communities in a whole new way.

It’s such a good idea that the National Endowment for the Arts, Americans for the Arts, and the Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation have made significant investments in it already.

AIR is the catalyst for finding solutions to some of society’s most pressing problems—and seizing some of its most exciting opportunities. AIR is locally grown, but ready to take seed nationally. Building on its success in Colorado, and in response to strong interest nationally, we plan to expand the AIR model to urban, suburban, and rural communities throughout the nation from our new headquarters in Berea, KY.

The Mission

AIR is an empowering ecosystem that provides artists, businesses and communities the tools, resources, and support to learn, connect, and ultimately succeed.

AIR was created to teach creatives and business people to share their strengths and connect. AIR will merge the creativity of the arts with the innovation of business to raise the value of arts and creativity in all our communities.

AIR is committed to providing support that will increase the long-term success and sustainability of talented artists, their businesses, and organizations. This means increasing incomes at higher than average rates, creating jobs, stimulating community involvement and volunteerism in activities assisting artists, and promoting the regions’ creative economy as a key piece of any economic development strategy—an important factor in a healthy, vibrant economy.

AIR is built on community. If the individuals in your community are not isolated from each other, they begin a conversation that creates a ripple effect of impact through the community’s ecosystem. When members of your community that would otherwise be isolated from one another find a way to connect, magic happens.

Imagine your community

with more people empowered to:

  • Pursue their artistic passions
  • Create successful entrepreneurial ventures to revive our economy
  • Enrich our cities and towns with new ideas, programs and creative places
  • Break down barriers and stereotypes between people
  • Build a stronger, more vibrant, and livable community

AIR will play a strategic role in building arts and culture as an economic engine and help to develop your community into a vibrant arts and culture region by:

• Increasing the capacity, growth, and professionalism of our existing arts and culture industry

• Attracting artists, arts and entertainment businesses, and arts students by offering unique educational programs attached to real-world career paths, internship opportunities, and a strong creative workforce

• Creating a regional identity that draws artists, visitors, arts funders, and patrons, fostering local pride that encourages participation in arts and culture programming.

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