AIR:Evolve™ Program

Launch your creative venture

In just six months you will be prepared to launch your creative venture and succeed

AIR Evolve is a six-month business incubator program designed for creative professionals who are striving to transform their passions, interests, and skills into a viable venture, project, or new life path. AIR’s approach is nontraditional and performance-based, where success is not what you learn, but your capability to launch your venture. If you are committed, you will leave AIR Evolve with the know-how and tools to successfully plan, build, and run your business venture. Your business skills will include planning and design, financial modeling, marketing, staffing, and resource development.

This six-month program guides people through the process of developing and launching their own creative ventures. Small classes, from all walks of life, focus on practical business tools and individual coaching sessions provide additional feedback and motivation.

  • We incorporate ‘design thinking’ that utilizes brainstorming and iterative processes.
  • We provide the expertise and tools for you to develop a venture concept and take it through each step of the business planning process.
  • We encourage you to challenge the feasibility of your venture concept at every stage, through a protyping process that tests your ideas in real-world scenarios.
  • We nurture a community of creatives to provide a network for resource sharing, cooperation and collaboration, and peer coaching.
  • We attract diversity in participation to maximize the benefit to all of different perspectives, expertise and experience.
  • We involve outside parties to improve the creativity and viability of your venture plan


Who Is It For?

Creative and business people alike, who are striving to transform their passions, interests, and skills into viable creative ventures.

What Will I Learn

  • As creative professional: you will learn practical business experience and skills to successfully build and run your venture.
  • As a business, organization or community member: you will gain access to creative minds and ideas, along with practical business experience to take your venture to the next level.
  • All participants will apply class principles and concepts to their venture, refining their own business plans and transforming their passions, interests, and skills into lasting success.

What Will I Be Doing?

The journey through AIR Evolve consists of eight in-person learning modules and one final presentation session. To support your development along the way, you will receive six personal sessions with an executive coach. You will also have access to an AIR Evolve online group, to seek and share resources with other participants between modules.

Evolve Success

87% of AIR:Evolve™ participants report increased revenues

20% start new businesses

Evolve Tools

Participants will refine their venture using design thinking, the AIR venture canvas, and Lean Startup principles.

Prepare their venture for the real world by prototyping and conducting market research.
Access powerful and dynamic financial planning tools including budget, cash-flow and sales projection.

Participants share and learn from others’ experiences, goals, challenges, and successes – creating an ongoing “mastermind team” that provides feedback and direction after the class ends.

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