Our Trainers and Your Local Facilitators Make Success Possible

AIR invests in your local community by providing nearly twenty hours of in-person training for every facilitator. We provide your community leaders with in-depth facilitation, presentation, and coaching skills using a rubric that’s designed for success.

AIR Facilitators are the heart of the Shift Workshop. They provide a personal connection and give participants confidence that they can learn, connect, change and succeed. Ideal candidates:

Walk the talk

AIR Facilitators embody the paradigm shift that will help achieve our vision of increasing the value of art and creativity in our communities. They are people who reach across the aisle in their careers, communities, and lives.

Bring people together

Facilitators have diverse backgrounds and life experiences. They have honed their creative and business experiences. They have strong communication skill and high emotional intelligence.

Use technology

Facilitators use presentation tools, software, and equipment to bring their stories alive. AIR embraces the interweb and fun digital stuff that makes storytelling and collaborating easier and more personal.

Inspire change and excellence

Facilitators have qualities that inspire hope. They are optimistic realists with exceptional listening skills and great senses of humor. They are life-long learners who are adaptable, organized improvisers who work and play well with others.

Beth Flowers

AIR Institute Director
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AIR Trainers

Abby Sienkiewicz

Deputy Director
A Michigan native, Abby has a background in family studies, art therapy, and nonprofit management. Abby moved to Colorado Springs…
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Cass Mullane

Textile Artist & Business Coach
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Delaney Keating

Marketing & Design Guru
An inspired leader and communications specialist, Delaney earned her stripes from the experiment and experience of developing a boutique marketing…
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Gerry Heise

Fundraising Trumpet Player
Gerry Heise is the Executive Director of the GPO, a position he has held since September 2013. He is a…
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Jill MacKay

Designer & Author
Jill MacKay is a designer and author who creates and licenses product lines to national retail chains, large manufactures and…
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AIR Facilitators

Cyndi Hall

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Danny Isaacs

Economic Development Director
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Jennifer Reis

Coordinator/Instructor, Arts Entrepreneurship Program
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Laurel Prudhomme

Director of Communications and Events
Laurel is a strategic thinker with creative expertise, able to critically assess and evaluate needs, integrate cohesive and effective messaging,…
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Liz Kettle

Textile & Mixed Media Artist
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Melissa Bond

Melissa joined CEDIK in March 2015 as an Extension Associate. Her expertise in arts programming, farmers markets, and her prior…
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Natalie Gabbard

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Robert Donnan

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Sarah Campbell

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Tim Glotzbach

Berea College Crafts Director
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