LocationColorado Springs, Colorado


Liz Kettle’s relaxed and encouraging approach to demystifying creative thinking helps her clients recognize that creativity and innovation are not as inaccessible as they might have thought. As an artist, author and creative catalyst, Liz knows that creativity and innovation are skills that can be learned. With a BS in Business, Liz’s career in retail management showed the power of creativity as a driving force to increase sales and profit. It is a mindset that can change your business. Liz became very involved with the public school system and chaired PTA as well as Accountability Committees for many years while her kids were in school. What she found there was an alarming emphasis on rote memorization, at the expense of teaching the creative processes and critical thinking skills. Creativity is part of the foundation of American ingenuity and essential to business success. Liz has been teaching others how to tap into their creative genius for over 10 years. She has written five books, including three award winning best sellers. She writes regularly for magazines and has appeared multiple times on PBS. With Innovation Studio, Liz brings her creative energies into your business with innovation trainings and workshops that build community, strengthen relationships and develop a corporate wide culture of innovation to change business challenges into opportunities