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TypeOnsite Course
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The Shift Workshop is an entry point into a community of exchange, support and development fueled by cutting-edge online resources and a powerful curriculum. The workshops change people that attend in a way that is true and lasting.

Skilled facilitators lead small groups through exercises that produce hands-on experience in collaboration, planning, and challenging our mental models about art, business, money, and community. It’s totally unique in bringing together emerging and professional creatives with business professionals for a sustained, collaborative learning experience.

The Shift Workshop is designed to serve 36 people with four facilitators. Since 2012 writers, musicians, lawyers, accountants, small business owners, educators, visual artists, filmmakers and more have participated.

Section 1Day One: Discover new ways to think about the power of creativity and challenge your mental models about art, business, community and money.
Lecture 1The Paradigm Shift
Lecture 2Who Are We
Lecture 3Tell Your Story
Lecture 4Art Builds Business Builds Art
Lecture 5Community Collaboration
Lecture 6Design Thinking
Section 2Day Two: Learn by doing - with others! Take the mystery out of business planning. Strengthen your creative muscles. Practice design thinking and prototyping. Work with a small faciliatated group to refine collaboration skills and build a business plan that is achievable.
Lecture 7Team Building
Lecture 8RIght Brain Strength Training
Lecture 9Building the Project Overview
Lecture 10Research Tools
Lecture 11Marketing Strategy
Lecture 12Project Operations
Lecture 13Prototyping, Testing, & Refining
Lecture 14Presentation Prep & Skills
Section 3Day Three: Find your voice. Present your groups’ plan and get valuable feedback. Make it personal. Get a 15 minute coaching session and start planning your new career path, project or creative venture.
Lecture 15Presentation Prep
Lecture 16Community Collaboration Presentations
Lecture 17Personal Shift Statement
Lecture 18Personal Action Plan
Lecture 19Licensing Your Work
Lecture 20Personal Coaching Session
Lecture 21Wrap-Up