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Art Builds Business Builds Art

Get a taste of AIR Institute programs. You can take this online class that includes some elements of the Shift Workshop. We melded some of our workshop content and exercises to give you an idea of what our programs can do to help you and others in your community.

We believe that creativity and art build business in ways that aren’t always obvious. This exercise helps you identify your biases about art, creativity, money, business, and value. You might discover that your mental models are keeping you from achieving your goals and  are blocking your creativity. Shift your thinking and the sky’s the limit!

Once you’ve taken the online course, consider hosting a Mini Workshop in your community. You can download all the Mini Workshop materials for free!

We want every community to raise the value of art and creativity. Please use these materials to help bring together your arts and business people for an interactive, thoughtful Mini Workshop. We have included a Leader Guide, slide presentations and prompts, Paradigm Shift and Social Entrepreneurship videos, and materials that you can download, print, and share. We request that you report your Workshop survey results and help us refine our materials by submitting an evaluation.

Hosting the Art Builds Business Builds Art Mini Workshop is a prerequisite for becoming a Local Affiliate.

Art Builds Business Builds ArtSeth Godin’s blog posting “Art Fears Business Fears Art” was the inspiration for the title of this exercise. We think Seth has great insights that can help us all believe that art builds business builds art.

Section 1Introduction
Section 2The Paradigm Shift
Section 3Art Builds Business Builds Art
Section 4The Exercises
Section 5Conclusion & Next Steps
Section 6Self Reflection
Lecture 6
Section Self Reflection
Section 7Host a Mini Workshop in Your Community