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Success Feature Story:

Jennifer Ivanovic Shift & Evolve Alumnus

My AIR Evolve class instructors have repeatedly said, “there are NO silver bullets or instant fixes to our individual project journey.” An inspiring combination of resources has been provided: bi-monthly, thought-provoking classes, electronic worksheets that can be tailored to my specifications, links to essential productivity apps and resources, individual coaching that helps resolve personal mental blocks and much more. This potent combination has turned out to be my very own, personalized “silver bullet”!

The AIR Evolve classes have helped me shape my art dreams into reality. Don’t get me wrong, no one is telling me the answers, but great teachers never do. The questions that the classes pose are only for courageous students to pull answers from their own personal quest.

I knew when I signed up for the AIR Evolve class that I would be creating a long sought after “rudder” for my cargo ship of art. I have a bunch of rowing to do, but my destination has never been more clear. What I didn’t expect was an opportunity to build a long-term collaborative partnership. That’s what’s going to keep me “rowing.”

Jennifer used the Evolve program to design her creative venture, Stigma Stains, a traveling exhibition that uses her visual art to break down barriers about mental illness. She has been juried into four shows, was included in the Larimer County health district newsletter and was awarded the $15,000 Cherry Creek Art Festival Arrow Innovation award.

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