Local Affiliates are communities who are committed to achieving the vision of raising the value of art and creativity in their community and the world. As part of the AIR ecosystem, we expect that you will engage with other affiliates, walk the talk, bring people together, and inspire change and excellence your own community. We believe you will develop new revenue streams and partnerships that expand your network and influence. We know this work is hard, but together we can succeed.


Local Affiliates come in many shapes and sizes. They can be:

  • Colleges and Universities
  • Local Arts Service Organizations
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Business Incubators
  • Community Foundations
  • Local Government
  • OR any combination or partnership of these types of organizations.

Once upon a time...

The Individuals

There was an artist who was down on her luck. She was driven by her desire to create, but she thought business was a mystery. There was a small business owner who was stuck in a rut and could no longer imagine how to be innovative and compete with cheaply made, boring products.

The Community

There was a mayor concerned about the city’s future because so many people were struggling to make a living. The community was divided and its members were not connecting. City leaders came together to find a solution. They found one organization that could change their story.

AIR came to the rescue to harness the economic power of art and creativity and bring the city together for a brighter future.
The Cohesive Solution

The city’s local government, school district, chamber of commerce, higher education, and community foundation came together to become an Local Affiliate of AIR. They invested in training and support. In just three years, their community raised income levels for artists, created new businesses, and prepared college students for real world creative careers.

And Magic Happened

The whole community was transformed and empowered to succeed by the Shift Workshop tools. With the help of AIR, they merged the creativity of the arts with the innovation of business to raise the value of creativity in their community. A movement was born and Local Affiliates are now spreading across the nation.

Powerful Curriculum

AIR is more than powerful words. AIR has a step-by-step process for engaging and revitalizing both arts and business in your community. AIR programs include artists, creatives, community, and business people together. We teach design thinking, prototyping and diversification of revenue streams. AIR provides a forum for anyone to develop their creative side and a place where any creative person can learn business skills. The growth potential for AIR is exponential and your community’s progress will be immediate and lasting.


Become a Local Affiliate – Change starts here!

How it Works

We’ve designed a turn-key model that includes training, templates, hands-on program support, and tools. The Local Affiliate package includes everything a local organization needs to market, fundraise and maximize your community’s economic development and earned revenue potential.

1. Work with your local community organizations, government, and businesses to build a network of support for building your creative economy and raising the value of art and creativity in your community.

2. Identify local partners and host an Art Builds Business Builds Art Mini Workshop to measure the depth of support and interest in AIR programs, your local creative economy, and your community goals.

3. Apply to be a Local Affiliate of AIR with your partners. 
4. Celebrate your Local Affiliate status – identify your facilitators and project manager and go through our on-boarding process to gain access to an array of exclusive project management and planning tools.
4. Get trained – your facilitators and project manager will be trained to teach and produce the Shift Workshop in your first year. Then you will get training for the Evolve Program in year two.
4. Offer workshops and programs for three years and your AIR team will begin to CHANGE your world.

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