We’ve done the heavy lifting for you. We spent more than two years developing and piloting curriculum and training models that hundreds of folks from seven states helped get right. We used design thinking and super-fast prototyping to fail quickly and nail the programs.

Now, we want to make our vision come true Because now more than ever, our world needs artists. We need new ideas, fresh thinking, and unique perspectives to help solve our greatest problems.

Community Benefits

New Earned Revenues

Local agencies who become an AIRffiliate earn revenue from AIR programs. This translates to increase in staff capacity and local economic impact. In just three years of delivering AIR programs, you will have served and educated nearly 100 participants who will increase their revenues and start new businesses in your community.

Diverse Funding Partners

Most AIRffiliates secure funding to cover the affiliate fees, venues, and food costs. This makes for revenues to be available to cover organizational staff and/or general operating costs. Funding partners can include: local businesses, community foundations, chambers of commerce, and government departments.

Long Term Support

After three years, AIR alumni AIRffiliates will get further training and updates to the AIR:Shift curriculum. AIRffiliates can use the curriculum as a solid earned revenue stream with minimal licensing cost.

Locally Relevant

The affiliate program makes the AIR curriculum locally relevant. Your community teaches your community with the benefit of national perspective and support.

New advocates and collaborators

The AIR:Shift Workshop helps you build an army of new advocates and collaborators – you will engage with your local United Way, Chamber of Commerce, Community Foundation, Local Government, Schools, and Higher Education Institutions.

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