Regional Affiliates Build the Movement

We’ve designed a turn-key model that includes training, templates, and hands-on program support that will provide measurable success. AIR provides nearly 100 hours of training and support annually. The AIRffiliate™ package includes everything a regional or statewide organization or partnership needs to market, fundraise, and run a great program that brings new economic prosperity.

Regional Affiliates are geographic areas and communities that are committed to achieving the vision of raising the value of art and creativity in their community and the world. As part of the AIR ecosystem, we expect that you will engage with other affiliates, walk the talk, bring people together, and inspire change and excellence your own community. We believe you will develop new revenue streams and partnerships that expand your network and influence. We know this work is hard, but together we can succeed.

Regional Affiliates can be local arts service organizations, chambers of commerce, business incubators, community foundations, community colleges, state universities, departments or divisions of local government or any combination or partnership of these types of organizations.

Training & Support

AIR provides nearly 100 hours of training and support to affiliates and their facilitators annually. Affiliates get annual training and certification in AIR curriculum and become part of the national network of leaders who are making change in their communities.

The Affiliate packages include everything a local organization needs to market, fundraise, and run a great event that sells out and brings economic impact to their local community. AIRffiliates get a twelve week marketing campaign, including designed fliers, postcards, social media banners and messaging. You can spend your time getting the right people to your workshops. Plus sponsorship materials and event logistics calendar and check-lists using Asana project managment.

After two years of training, mentoring and support, AIR Affiliates can deliver AIR programs and curriculum on their own while accessing annual curriculum updates and guidance.

Licensing & Materials

We want you to succeed in raising the value of arts and creativity in your community. So, we give you an unlimited license to teach AIR curriculum every year in your community for three years. And you keep all the earned revenues from registration fees and local fundraising and sponsorship. You also receive an AIRffiliate manual & custom templates.

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